SEO For Estate Agents Tips: 3 Real Estate SEO Strategies to Use Right NOW

SEO For Estate Agents Tip: 3 Real Estate SEO Strategies to Use Right NOW

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My name is Ryan Stewart, I’m on online entrepreneur and marketer. I used to work a job I hated for a company I didn’t believe in, until I stumbled upon “SEO”. Flash forward 10 years later and I’ve built, grown and scaled almost a dozen 7 figure businesses. It’s my goal in life to free you from the old mindset and institutions in place. If you follow my Channel you’ll learn valuable marketing, business and technical skills that will help you build your own online businesses.

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27 thoughts on “SEO For Estate Agents Tips: 3 Real Estate SEO Strategies to Use Right NOW

  1. 1 second ago
    Ryan!!! Your videos are the most valuable lessons I have ever got from any SEO source. Keep it up and many thanks for sharing all this. Best of luck

  2. Hey Ryan, I've recently started up taking classes on SEO with then intent to basically master SEO marketing in the real estate business.

    What I understand is you want us to basically block the crawler on mls listings pages and not focus on SEO for these pages such as *buy property in xxx" as we wouldn't be abls to rank among the biggies in the industry. So we do no SEO for mls pages?

    However, we make content driven pages for neighborhoods and talk about school, colleges, hosptials, demographics, etc. thereby providing information on why someone should buy a house in this neighborhood and from this page have internal links to mls pages which contains all listings of this neighbour for someone who intents to buy a house. Correct me if I've got this right? So basically you do SEO for these neighbourhood pages and then re-direct them to the listings page from here using internal links. What keywords one can use for SEO of these neighbourhood pages as some looking on information about a neighborhood may not necessarily be wanting to live in that neighborhood. In that case would it be our right target audience and would someone wanting to know information click on internal links to mls pages as he may not be wanting to buy a house in there?

    Please share your valuable feedback.

  3. Damn Ryan this is work!!!! Even though I may understand how to do this and set most of this up I think I might have to reach out to you and see if I am a good fit for your client list. Let get a few things in order!

  4. at 10:35 you mention you find local bloggers by insta gram. I just went on IG and used a local hashtag, I didnt get get results, then i used #city+blogger and i find some results but they all seemed to be fashion pictures. What are other methods to finding local blogs?

  5. Legit as always Ryan. Focusing on the local area stuff and noindexing MLS pages has always been my strategy for agents. In the more suburban areas and specifically new construction dense area, you can find the names of the neighborhoods before they even really start and then start owning those search terms way before the jump

  6. Interesting tactic of blocking the listing pages, does the impact of doing that and killing the long-tail searches to your site have the much greater benefit of then pushing your remaining pages up higher for head-terms? and also how quickly would you see an improvement?

  7. Thanks Webris! Great video. If you have time for a quick question. We are launching a real estate site however our plan is to keep the listings up always and just have the status marked as sold or tenanted etc. If each property has data like available on the mls, plus some location data about what's nearby and some similar transaction data would it be enough to let the robots crawl the pages? See we want to grab the long tail keywords like "3 bedroom with a pool in XXXX". Do you have any feedback on what the threshold for minimum unique content should be?

  8. nice talk, nice conntent, nice camera job, but please try to work on sound, it has terrible echo. I am wondering if you have some good tips for seo tools to use. if it was not made yet, could be a nice topic for a new video.

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