SEO And Web Design Tips: Establish The Terms of Engagement During First Client Meeting

SEO And Website Design Tip: Establish The Terms of Engagement During First Client Meeting

What questions should I ask during the first client meeting? How you respond, during the first critical meeting with a design client, will determine if you will be in a position of power, or struggling to regain authority. Chris & Jose give you a step-by-step on how to handle your first meeting with a client.


03:20 Client Types: The Fisher, Square Pegger, Cost Conscious Penny pincher, Perfect Client
03:25 The Fisher defined (Time waster – no intent to buy)
06:15 Square Pegger defined (Not final decision maker)
07:17 Cost Conscious defined (Views design as commodity)
08:16 Perfect Client defined (They value design at a premium)
11:05 First Meeting Checklist – Anatomy of a meeting
15:32 Ask Clarifying Questions
19:26 Ask what you are looking for in a client?
20:30 How to deal with objections
22:20 Q: How do you win the confidence of the client?
24:45 Law of Contrast
27:37 Q: How to deal with a clients brain dump?
31:33 Q: Any cultural differences in dealing with clients?
32:36 Disqualification close
34:31 Client Types – Role playing

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The Win Without Pitching Manifesto – Blair Enns

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26 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Establish The Terms of Engagement During First Client Meeting

  1. Thanks for this video, Jose and Chris. It's very valuable. The 4 client types remind me of the BCG matrix that business consultants use to help their clients (dog, cow, star and question mark).

    I have a question. Since you work in the graphic design area, I am wondering whether the same methods (first meeting checklist and the 4 client types) can be used as-is for product design or UI/UX projects also.

    Your advice/insight/experience in that area would be highly valued.

  2. great content but absolutely horrific audio. I mean the black girl that was reading questions didn't even get a microphone. Even when the questions were repeated it was a lot of unnecessary mumbling instead of just clear simple question repeat as you would expect.
    Most of videos of this channel have great editing so this is either just a "dirty" version or "poor effort". I am grateful for videos, keep up good work!

  3. You should always show your skills and abilities to set a foundation for your value. I always offer the first quick design for free to show my abilities. Be a listener look for key points what the client is looking for 🙂

  4. How do you provide a quote in the proposal before you know what the full scope of the project will involve? Surely you would only be able to provide an accurate quote after you have have gone through a detailed CORE strategy session with them.

  5. I wish I could have like private lessons for this kind of things. I'm studying the hole talk, taking notes, I'm reading the checklist, and yet I'm not sure what to answer always or how to do some questions to the client without feeling weird about it. I don't know if perhaps It's a cultural thing? I'm from Argentina. Greetings.

  6. Hey Chris, you give an example saying like "We work for big companies, so I'm not sure you can afford us". As a beginner freelancer, I can't say that. What argument should I use?

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