SEO And Web Design Tips: Drupal Web Design by A SEO Company

SEO And Website Design Tip: Drupal Web Design by A SEO Company

Why Drupal Web Design is Important

Drupal is the choice of professionals and is an open source content management system (CMS). It has an excellent administrative system and is extremely versatile, with a large number of well-tried and tested standard modules. Other (customised) modules can be added as and when they are required.

Standard modules include blogs, site search, photo galleries, forums, user generated content areas, shopping carts etc. If customised modules and coded are written, they can then made available for the large Drupal community. Dedication to building the community, together with sharing knowledge ‘free’ / without charge is a main reason why Drupal is so successful.

It is often chosen instead of expensive commercial CMS (content management systems), because as well as being as good, if not better, it is also ‘free’. Both systems are comparable in many areas, typically those which require a high degree of complex customisation; examples are banks, multinational companies, airlines and government websites. The rapid expansion in business migration to Drupal (e.g the Royal Mail Group; Post Office, Royal Mail and Parcel Force) is resulting in high demand (and a possible UK shortage) of specialised web designers in this field.

There are other open source CMS systems, but Drupal is the system that is often chosen by governments, large corporations and Universities; a few examples are MTV, Sony and ‘The Whitehouse’.

Why Reviewing Clients in the SEO Companies Portfolio is Important

An advantage of being ‘an internet company’ is that it can be based anywhere in the world. It is suggested that there are advantages for web design and SEO companies dealing ‘face to face’ with clients based in a major city. Large clients and businesses based in large cities have higher overheads and of necessity have to be more demanding. Overheads and business running costs tend to dictate tight deadlines which are non negotiable, any over run or missing of a deadline incurs huge costs, as it is often part of a larger project. The best Drupal web design companies will have their own proficient ‘ coders’ so they can use the latest developments in technology to help meet deadlines.

Whilst it is acknowledged that remote video conferencing is extremely useful and has a part to play in reducing travelling and meeting times, the advantages of being based in a large city and having face-to-face meetings should not be underestimated. An example of how problem solving is helped by people working physically near each other was the ‘Open World Forum’ with 1500 participants from over 40 countries. Many problems were solved in hours or even minutes that would have taken weeks or months, a word used is ‘cross-fertilisation’ of ideas. In addition new technologies were ‘brainstormed’ and knowledge was shared in a way that does not happen using the internet – even though all those involved are experts in internet conferencing etc. For these reasons, it is suggested that the best web design has to involve some face to face meetings

Why use an ethical SEO Company that specialises in web design

Because ethical SEO companies fully understand the importance of web design in order to achieve successful SEO. They rely heavily on website optimisation and a deep understanding of all relevant web design technologies. They often offer to do a new website for the client, as it is frequently faster to make a new website, than rectify the problems of an old technology website.


Any business looking for a web design that has lots of functionality, as well as being versatile and flexible should look at Drupal, which is an open source CMS (Content Management System). They should also consider using an ethical SEO Company which specialises in Drupal web design and has a client list containing some companies based in a major city. There should be some face to face meetings, ideally on a regular basis, with intermediate meetings using internet conference facilities.

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