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There are many tools we can use completely free for our keyword researching.  We will be using the google keyword planner and google suggestion box.  Both are free to use, and we will discuss how to use them effectively.  I will outline the correct way for you to plan your keywords with ease in this post.  Just taking these simple steps can make your job so much easier.  Let’s get started.

Finding the right keywords to rank for more visitors

When planning your phrases, it is best to chose relevant words that you can rank for.  Some keywords are extremely difficult to rank for like “seo services”, “payday loans” etc.  Going for these phrases at first is very difficult.  You are facing high competition for these words.  Why make our job difficult when we can focus on easier terms to rank for that will give us just as much traffic over time.  That is why l have drafted this post for you to get a better understanding of keywords you can rank for easily.


When we get our keyword research right, we can bring high amounts of traffic to our site easily.  And the more longtail keywords you pursue the easier it is for us to draft our content for our site to attract more visitors.

keyword research tool google free to increase traffic

How to use the google keyword planner to find longtail keywords to receive more trade

First, we are going to use some tools for free and start with the google keyword planner.  I will enter in my chosen keywords for some ideas and suggestions.  You can also select a location if you wish.  You will receive a list of results which come up with the search volume and other metrics.  We are going to focus on longtail keywords.  Select a verity of long search phrases which you are happy with.  The volume of searches will be lower than the competitive phrases.  But that is what we are looking for.  Lots of these phrases can increase our traffic easily.


google keyword suggestion box tool free to increase traffic

Using the suggestion box to give us a better insight to identify our traffic

We will then type our search phrases in the google search box.  It will give us suggestions which people are searching for at this time. For example.  If my keywords are “increase website traffic through google free” I can add “how to” before it or “what is”.  The google suggestion box will give me a variety of different results and precise terms people are searching for.



google define keyword research tool for free to increase website traffic

How to use google define to achieve a better understanding of our keywords

We know want to define our keywords we have gathered to completely understand the words in past and present.  We need to identify the synonyms to also include them.  You don’t want to list your main keyword repeatedly and it is good practice to use synonyms throughout the rest of our document.






longtail keywords for increased google website trafficThe suggestion box will come up with a variety of different longtail keywords for us to rank for.  We can then make a post or page which is dedicated to these phrases.  Writing original content for our visitors which they will find useful.

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