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We are going to discuss how you can effectively increase your traffic online for free in google search engine.  The methods are free to use and very effective.  We will discuss on page optimisation and link building in this post.

effective link building and search engine optimisation for greater traffic

Choosing the right keywords to rank for is the first task.  It is always better to go after longtail keywords which are easier to rank for.  You can read the guide on how to chose longtail keywords for a better idea on how to do the research as this is one of the most important steps.

Onpage optimisation for greater traffic and higher rankings in google

Onpage optimisation is crucial for your marketing online.  Your pages and images must be well optimised to rank higher.  Let us discuss the methods to use.


  •                 We will name our page the keyword which we are targeting. This will be our title H1 heading Tag.
  •                 When writing our copy try to solve your customers problem, answer a question they might have or information they could require.  Be helpful and give value.
  •                 Add our introduction below not including the main phrase but related words to that phrase.  Tell your audience what the post or page is about, what they will learn or what information they will discover in your content.
  •                 Include subheadings in our copy where it is relevant using H2 and H3 heading tags.  Again, use synonyms not our main keyword as this has already been used.

                Add links to our inner pages or outbound links to relevant sites for more information.  We can include a main keyword for the page we are linking to.  Add links when it necessary to do so.

                Insert optimised images or videos which are unique to our content and add value.

                Your copy should be at least 500+ words and easy to read and navigate for the user.  Do not include keywords repeatedly. But use of past, present and synonyms of the main keyword.

onpage optimisation to obtain more traffic

When you have optimised you page or post it is time to include social share buttons.  If your content is of benefit and unique too your market people will naturally want to share your content in social media or other internet mediums.  When someone shares, likes or puts your content on their site this is a link back to your page.  It is the most effective way to build links naturally and it will not trigger any future penalties.  Having original content which is beneficial to your audience is crucial for any online business to increase traffic to your webpage.

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