Welcome to our website. We are going to discuss how to obtain more organic traffic to your webpage quickly using search engine optimisation techniques. We will discover how to optimise our meta tags and images in this post. Let us begin.

Images are important and add value to our copy for the visitor. It is important that we optimise our images properly for google to crawl our website more effectively;

edit images for seo traffic on googleDrive Free visitors to your optimised site through images and content

Save your images with keywords. Google and other search engines also rank images and will inform google more about the topic of your content.
You will need to resize your images to best fit your webpage. Canva is a free to use image editor which can help.
Right click on your image to bring up the properties. Click on detail. Add your title (keyword), subject tags and comments and you will want to give it a 5-star rating.






optimise images in wordpress for more traffic on google

If you are using wordpress upload your images and make sure you also optimise there. Again, add your title ( you can be flexible here in what you add, brief introduction), alt tag (your keyword again) and description When you are optimising your images here the title now becomes the alt tab.
Your image is now optimised and ready to be added to your post or page. When using images, it is best to use unique or stock images which are available for you to use. You can check out istockphoto which also has free images if you require.



With optimised unique content and images whilst targeting a longtail keyword will surely provide you with success. Just follow the steps and see the results you will have. Just a little work each week and you will see the benefits.

Edit your meta tags for better indexation and rankings

Meta tags are an important part of our SEO and should not be left out. They will tell search engines what our site is about and how to rank it accordingly;

Our title should be catchy and entice the visitor to click. It must include our keyword. Our description should also include our main keyword and briefly describe our service or offer. There are numerous plugins which are available for free to use on the internet. One of my personal favorites is Yoast SEO plugin. You can edit you meta title and meta description in the plugin very easily. It will inform you if your title or description is too long. It will keep you in the search engine meta tag guidelines. Pressing F12 on your windows keyboard will bring up the web developer tab and you can edit your title and description live to give you a better idea of how it will look in google.

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