In this post we will be discussing on achieving regular traffic to our webpages for beginners.  In order to achieve higher ranking and free visitors we must have quality backlinks from quality sources on the web.  So how do we achieve these backlinks?  These sites have the highest metrics to pass trust and authority to any website and will give the site an instant boost.

places for backlinks to increase web traffic quickly for beginners

When link building to increase traffic obtain high authority site links

You want sites which have authority on the web to pass trust to your website.  Obtaining links from these sites is crucial to your online success.  Stay away from link packages which offer large numbers of links to your site as they can trigger a penalty from google.  It is best practice to build your links the natural way.  Offering good content which will attract links naturally and increase over time.

Drive Traffic to your webpage fast

Keyword research, onpage optimisation creating original content for your audience and backlinks from authority sites will increase traffic fast.  It only takes some work on your part to see the benefits.  With all these skills you have now learned you will be able to command as much web traffic as you demand, even as a beginner.


Social media platforms are a great place to advertise on to drive trade to your website or blog.  Make sure you deliver quality content to your audience.  Perhaps try to solve a problem or answer a question.  Basically, just be helpful.  Don’t just talk about yourself and your company and think about what your ideal customer would be interested in or looking for. For example, if l was selling running shoes my customers might be interested in top running paths or top places to run.  If l was a painter, l might want to target customers who are just moving and offer painting and decorating tips to them.  You need to think about what your ideal customer wants and either solve the problem or give it to them. Stay tuned for more interesting topics to help you with your online marketing.


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