Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: Why Commercial Property Agents Can Help You Find a Great Deal in London

Estate Agents Tip: Why Commercial Property Agents Can Help You Find a Great Deal in London

In business terms, London offers businesses facilities, services and opportunities far beyond the reach of any other location in the UK. It is facilitated by five major airports, each one leading directly to other major European sources of trade and industry, in addition to its international links further afield. Indeed, Europe is now closer than ever before; with the Eurotunnel, flights and ferry services to a variety of European locations, a business trip across the channel can be undertaken in a single day.

London itself is also serviced by all the major road and rail networks, making the transport of goods incredibly convenient and, in addition, allows delegates to travel to and from business conferences with great ease. Because London has built up and evolved around business, it also offers a broad range of amenities and facilities for the prudent-minded business-owner to take advantage of.

Most people assume that a London address comes complete with a London price tag. Whilst this may have been true in the past, the current economic climate has seen landlords dropping their rents to an all-time low and offering financial incentives to pull potential tenants through the doors. This is the result of the banking industry having downsized their workforces in the face of the credit crunch. Rather than operate a half-sized staff in full-sized offices, many of them have vacated their premises, leaving a surplus of commercial property in London. In turn, this has seen the rise of the tenant’s market, as landlords would rather be receiving some rent, rather than no rent at all.

For those considering relocating to a more prestigious address or taking up commercial property in London for the first time, there has been no better opportunity. In order to ensure that you get the commercial property London has to offer your business – and at the best price – you would be best advised to hire the services of good commercial property agents.

The best commercial property agents in London are likely to be independent, meaning that they will have no loyalty to a landlord or firm; their loyalty is to you, the client. With this established, they can use their powers of negotiation to secure you the best deal. However, negotiating skills are not the sole qualities that make an agent worth their salt. Good commercial property agents will have an insider’s knowledge of the emerging hotspots in London and those that are likely to flourish in the future. For example, the 2012 Olympics will have far-reaching effects in certain areas of London; a good agent would be able to help you draw up a long-term plan that allows you to tap in to any advantages offered by this.

Commercial property agents can also help with more practical aspects, such as deciding where your business should be located, in relation to local amenities. Using this advice, you can be sure that the flow of your business is not interrupted during the process and you may even pick up a new client along the way. They may also have an idea of any proposed changes to the locale, such as future road works or complex developments. All these can have some bearing on where you choose to establish your company.

Using a commercial property agent is a prudent way to stay ahead of the competition and find a business property that serves your company to the best of its abilities.

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