Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: SMMA Presenting to 40 Real Estate Agents | How to Make Money with Social Media Marketing

Estate Agents Tip: SMMA Presenting to 40 Real Estate Agents | How to Make Money with Social Media Marketing

Me (Billy Willson) and Josh Cosgrove present our Social Media tips and marketing services to local real estate agents at Keller Williams in Olathe, KS. We learned these skills ourselves and through Ryan Hildreth and Hayden Peddle. Let me know what you guys think in the comments on how we can improve!

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38 thoughts on “Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: SMMA Presenting to 40 Real Estate Agents | How to Make Money with Social Media Marketing

  1. The host was very rude to suggest that, out of all of the individuals in that room, only 2-3 would benefit. That is totally inaccurate and It instantly shuts off most of the audience from really taking in the value of what you could be presenting. Being young, sometimes older people will walk all over you if you let them. Be sure to address that first if it ever happens to you in a future meeting.

    And to only have 5mins, I would suggest 1) focusing on giving 1-2 case studies (yours or an associate), 2) give a handout with a few tips they could use today and 3) I like how you guys closed out your meeting with a few giveaways. Since you were staying, you could’ve just waiting to the very end (after your giveaways) to provide your closing statements (pitch). Short, sweet, and to the point.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey great video! At times I felt like it looked like two young guys trying to pitch their services (I'm a young guy too), rather than two experts but don't fear, there's always ways to improve! Tips to improve:
    1. Work on your vocal tonality to radiate confidence.
    2. Get more excited (pairs with step 1) to really sell that you guys know what you are doing, believe in your product and will bring value.
    3. Features and Benefits: What are you doing for them and why is it good?
    4. I noticed that you didn't have information from a credible source other than yourselves. If you could quote a advertising organization who follows advertising trends, or even show the people stats about consumer buying habits in the Real Estate space in relation to Facebook ads then you could of sold even easier.
    5. Some of your slides have to many bullets. You should limit your slides to 5 to 8 bullets per page max following the model of features and benefits in which you list a feature and exactly why it helps the prospect. Remember: Whats In It For Me or WIIFM.
    6. I say lines like these myself (actually the exact one you are saying) but I would train so that you don't say "That's crazy" anymore during your sales presentations which will build up the validity of your statements from just sounding like a young person is saying it.
    7. Around the 5 minute mark you guys talked about an Ad you created. Problem was you mentioned the statistics about the Ad, but I don't recall hearing you guys tell the layman audience what all of that information means for their businesses. Next time you could start with "We earned a client X customers and over $Y just by running one inexpensive $40 Ad for their business.". That is good since it starts with the benefit which will hook them into wanting to know how you did what you did, and then you tell them how.
    8. The guy on the right in this video should remember to keep his head up, and stand at a confident posture and stance. I knew this may of been one of your first times, but I'm just saying for future times.
    9. Guy on the right: Remember when doing a sales presentation to move your eye contact between the participants in the room. Make sure you look all around the room at the different people and not at the same few most of the presentation. If someone gets uncomfortable you could guide your glance to the ceiling, or another participant.

    That's all I have for now. I could find more things probably, but I have provided good value already and I have to go.
    I hope this helps. This was fun to write, and to also see what I knew about Sales Presentations.

    Thanks, and good luck selling!

  3. Billy hey, thanks for posting video. I am a real estate agent and have been in the business for a while now. Most agents with the company I work with are taught and trained to use different and/or more direct prospecting methods to reach their potential clients, however with the potential reach of consumers social media provides, I believe once the message is clear and agents can see the potential ROI and value in this type of service, more and more agents will look to FB ads, PPC etc. to generate leads and create brand awareness. The problem I see in my business from a technology standpoint, is there are just too many options, "bells and whistles", to choose from and when an agent isn't seeing results from the method they are using, they jump to the next best thing, when in reality, you have to pick a strategy and stick with it in order to survive long-term, whether it's referrals, cold-calling, working with buyers and so on….Leads are the lifeline of my business and I would like to hear more about how you help. I have been working on creating a digital marketing campaign and since I know Real Estate, I believe I know what would attract buyers and sellers to various ads using creative content and a strong call to action. My ultimate goal is to create a digital marketing agency offering the services you are teaching, and providing, however, in order to do so, I need to learn how to make this work in my own business. Please let me know how we can connect or if you can direct me to a list of services you provide.

  4. Billy, you're just so freaking likeable. You seem to just simply CARE and want to give away as much value as possible. I know you get a lot of benefits from that too, but the vibe you're giving is just GREAT haha good job!

  5. Love the courage guys but you guys look unsure to me at least, have you guys been practicing your presentation or do you just wing it? and what kind of value did you show these realtors? to me it looks like "great you can get me likes on facebook" should of stressed more to them how you can make them money. presentation felt weak and all over the place and the manager literally said this is for just 2 or 3 people who are here. which is not true because they all want to make more money and I believe social media will do it for them.

  6. Particularly when your target market here is more professional, maybe use a greeting a little better than "what's up fuckers?" What are you thinking?! Sorry,…just stood out to me as not very sharp that you wouldn't think that was inappropriate, even though you are young.

  7. Whats going on lets connect! I want to hear about some of the challenges your currenlty facing with your company. I know I can help build you brand lets DM on insta @thomasmesen

  8. Hey man, congrats on your successes with social media marketing. It's awesome that you got to present to 40 real estate agents. I'm 19 years old as well and just dropped out college too so that I can start a social media marketing agency with my brother. I've created at least 20 free audits and have probably gone to 10 businesses. One of them I was able to sit down with the owner right away and he said he'd call me and let me know if he wanted to do it, but the whole other 9 businesses said that the owner was busy or not there. Tomorrow I'm going back out and hitting up a shit ton of businesses. Do you have any advice for actually being able to sit down with the owner because that seems to be the hardest part of this. Sorry for the long comment, but thanks in advance bro.

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