Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: New Real Estate Agent Went From Broke to $1.3 Million in GCI in Three Years!

Estate Agents Tip: New Real Estate Agent Went From Broke to $1.3 Million in GCI in Three Years!

Two years ago, Ryan Skrzypkowski was a brand new Real Estate agent – and barely getting by. Within just 24 months his entire life and career changed in earning $500K in GCI.

How did he do it? By being un-disrupt-able! He never gave up on his goal and he never slowed down.

He also had attended a BluePrint event in his first year of being an agent, he had this to say – “It ABSOLUTELY transformed my life.”

At BluePrint, Ryan learned directly from Tom how to build a foolproof system that made his business plan ROCK SOLID. He finally understood exactly what it takes to become business savvy, and was able to start making REAL and significant progress to the way he was operating his company. He had become the real estate agent he had always dreamed of becoming!

Hear it from Ryan himself and drop him a comment of encouragement to tell him what a rockstar he is!
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If you would like to experience what Ryan is talking about, come to a BluePrint event and see it for yourself!

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28 thoughts on “Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: New Real Estate Agent Went From Broke to $1.3 Million in GCI in Three Years!

  1. Hi Guys, I would like to Thank you Mr. Tom Ferry to bring us another of his brilliant interview.

    Also congrats to Mr. Bryan to share with us all your big effort and systems to achieve these incredible and very successful goals .

    This kind of interviews are bringing us tons of motivation and keep us moving forward in those moments when we get frustrated or lose motivation. Thank you to both of you.

  2. Many people want to be right and others just listen, have faith and get the results
    Excellent testimony, I bet that those who are criticizing would like to be in Ryan's shoes with the results he has
    Thanks tom

  3. It's his stuttering that is hard to listen to and not making a complete sentence within one breath. This could have been a much shorter interview if Tom lead the questions a bit more. The poor guy was nervous and couldn't get out of his head when answering questions the first 2/3's of the video… I wish they would have done a script practice session on what he says on the phone to prospects as I think that would have made him more comfortable with talking to a live audience.. It was a bit painful to watch. I am glad that public speaking isn't his day job and that he is killing it in real estate.. We all can't be perfect.. I know I am not.. but this was hard to listen to.

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  5. Sir I wants to meet you, your video have encouraged me retains into this business my mind distract from one to another and another… I wants to join your seminars and meets you personally

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