Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make Choosing A Brokerage

Estate Agents Tip: Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make Choosing A Brokerage

There are a ton of mistakes real estate agents and realtors make when looking for and a choosing a brokerage to hang their real estate license. In this video I share with you the 3 that you must avoid!


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29 thoughts on “Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make Choosing A Brokerage

  1. So true on the commission split. I got my license in July and started really doing well in late August, I have 4 pending sales in the last month, but I would have been completely lost without my broker (Coldwell Banker) and manager, who I can literally call at any time when I have a question. 60/40 split to start, but more business and less risk of lawsuit if I did make a mistake while I learning.

    I've heard that 100% commission brokers also charge out the ass on monthly fees!

  2. Hey Bryan! Appreciate the value you provide on your channel, especially as a new agent. I am interested to see what your take is on Uber Real Estate and their on-demand business model? Thanks!

  3. Nice work on the green screen effects not sure of your setup I do suggest getting a actual mic the blue yeti is an awesome mic for the money and secondly throw up some sound walls your echo is pretty bad thanks for the info

  4. This is literally the video I need! Thank you Bryan been following you since I was 17, and I've been saving liquid capital to assure I'll survive in business for the first 4 years and keep using my commissions to reinvest back into my business. I plan on being full-time. Bryan I've broke my choices down to KW, Century 21, RE/MAX, and a top grossing Realtor in Portland. What do you think? Will I limit clients hanging my licenses under a wrong brokeage due to my age?

  5. 2 things that need to be shown/pushed with EXP Realty is Skyslope and Kunversion. These are 2 things that really sold me. Just looking at technology kinda makes you feel like you have your own virtual team.

  6. Good Morning BC 😀👍 I have a question. Conflict of interest, if I have interest to ACT as both parties realtor & broker? Obtaining both license. Whats your recommendation? I would love to know. Please 😀 thank you. Tuning in from Minnesota.

  7. I did real estate for 6 days and i realized its fucking tough and i quit . I wonder how u are doing it since 5 years . Stupid clients want a mansion in a dollar .

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