Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: Main Differences Between Specialist Lettings Agencies and Estate Agents

Estate Agents Tip: Main Differences Between Specialist Lettings Agencies and Estate Agents

If you are looking to let out your home then you have three main options available to you. The first is that you can let your home privately, you could also use an estate agent or you could use a specialist lettings agency. Typically it can be too much hassle letting your home out privately. It causes a lot of worry and unnecessary problems. So for many people the ideal option is to get professional help. But how do you choose between an estate agent and a specialist lettings agency?

Understanding your options

The obvious choice for many landlords is usually an estate agent. They are well known and they are generally respected. However, when it comes to lettings estate agents may not always be the ideal choice.

Think about the role of the estate agent. They are there mainly to buy and sell homes. They do not specialise in lettings. Letting sis just a small part of the services that they offer and so this can cause potential problems for landlords.

Viewings are not always arranged and interviews are not always overly thorough either. So when you give them control over letting your home they may not always find the best tenants to suit your property. It has also been said that estate agents are not always overly professional with landlords either. So the quality of service is not always what you would expect it to be. Their focus is primarily on sales and so you may want to instead consider a specialist lettings agency.

Specialist lettings agencies are there purely for lettings. They know the market better than anybody and they strive to bring you the best tenants. They will give you 100% dedication and the service you receive is usually second to none. You will have a consultation to specify what type of tenants you are looking for and the agency will advise you of appropriate rent arrangements. They will interview potential tenants and ensure that you get the right ones for your property. They can be the best choice if you want fast results and a service dedicated to your needs.

Overall there are many things that you need to consider before you let out your property. Deciding who will help you to let out your home is one of the most important decisions that you will need to make. Whilst estate agents do have a high profile, they do mainly put all of their attention into selling houses. So it may be a much better option to go with a specialist lettings agency instead.

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