Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: How To Become An Estate Agent

Estate Agents Tip: How To Become An Estate Agent

How about a career as a residential estate agent? In this video, The Recruitment Guy (Graham Martin) interviews James Luton Director at Lanes Estate Agents in Hertford. We find out what it takes to become a successful estate agent, the reality behind the glamour, the hours, the commission and what is REALLY important to them.

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25 thoughts on “Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: How To Become An Estate Agent

  1. Property agents and members are people with no work ethic and no souls.. The culture promoted within those offices it is despicable and beyond imagination. Especially agents in Cambridgeshire, U.K.. Review your business practices and your attitude to human beings and your existence. Currently it is disgusting.

  2. I'm thinking of becoming an estate agent and just have a couple of questions:

    Do all the estate agents in one building have access to all the clients on the system or do they each have to find their own? If so how do they do this?

    How do they get clients on to the system – are these just people who have visited in the past and left their details?

    Also do estate agents have to do floor plans? Or do they have to outsource this to an outside company? If so how does the company know what the house looks like, do they visit the house or do you have to give them a rough sketch?

  3. Lol god people are stupid .iv sold many properties ,marketed them myself ,and saved thousands .nobody needs an agent these days with the Internet etc .its so easy to do it yourself without listening to an agent who's job it is to make you think you need them .

  4. Just graduated and i applied for trainee estate agent everywhere, even applied for apprenticeship in estate agency, but no luck. I was always prepared and did a lot of research. I would say the interviewers are biased and not open minded and cant spell properly. I really want to become estate agent, but getting rejected from apprentice who ask for GCSEs grades when I already have a degree is a bit :/  Being really prepared doesn't get u anywhere either. Might have to apply for Mc or kfc. what a disgrace. After months of looking for jobs watching youtube videos for help asking people for help and still not getting jobs and interviews is discouraging.

  5. Shocking that in the UK the agency has a contract with the "Seller". The buyer through lack of sharing of information between agencies has to buy through the listing agent. that to me is a conflict of interest. Who's best interest is the agent looking after?

  6. Do'n't encourage others please.One side of the high street in my town goes as follows charity shop,estate agent , estate agent,bank,estate agent ,sports shop,and guess what,yep another estate agent,and the other side is pretty similar.Obviously a licence to print moneyor there would not be 7 of them in one short street .Please fuck off you parasites so we can have a few proper shops.

  7. Estate Agency is all about people management. How you deal with people, deal with situations and problem solving. You need a thick skin because sales fall through, and you don't feel bad giving the client the news (like the video says) you're pissed because you just lost your commission that you've been grinding for.

    All you need is excellent phone skills, bullshitting skills, written skills, good communication and a thick skin.

  8. Personally I think anyone who is serious about starting a career as an estate agent should get the ARLA, NFOPP qualification. It is expensive for the course material but it was definitely worth doing it. I have all the relevant course material that I no longer use since qualifying and I would be happy to allow you to borrow it so that you can get properly qualified and find a job easily.

  9. Hi, really like your videos. Very informative ! I'm trying to promote a younger view point on things because I've never found support for me so being the voice of all in our 20's struggling! I'd really like to be YouTube friends 🙂 also if you have any good ideas let me know so I can make sure nothing is missed in my videos! Athina Morse

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