Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: Estate Agents in London – The Market Is Changing

Estate Agents Tip: Estate Agents in London – The Market Is Changing

It is true that the majority of all house sales in the UK are still made through traditional High Street estate agencies. However, the market is changing. Over 88% of people now start their search for a new home to rent or buy online. Online Estate Agents (OEA) are a new breed of estate agents in London that are adopting an online model to deliver the equivalent, if not higher level of service when compared to your traditional High Street agents.

This new model of working allows them to deliver this service at a fraction of the price of traditional estate agents in London. OEA’s do not have the massive cost base that these traditional agents have to service, in turn this allows you to sell your property for a little as £795 or rent your property for just £295.

It is important you check your OEA is a fully registered agent with the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) which means their team is well qualified in valuing properties and drawing up contracts which ensures the whole process of selling or renting a property runs smoothly.

The current market for sellers in London is very subdued. Many estate agents in London over price properties in order to get the client on their books. The client then gets frustrated that there is little or no activity. If they are lucky enough to get an offer on their property the sale can often fall through as the bank gives a lower valuation than the agent and therefore will not provide the funds to buy the property. Some OEAs act in a different way, as part of their fee they provide a RICS (Royal Institute of Surveyors) valuation which is effectively the same service the Bank uses when deciding how much to loan against the property. By taking this service the seller has the comfort of knowing that a sale is unlikely to fall through due to a property being overpriced as you have not used the services of traditional estate agents in London. Using OEAs the average seller in London will save £8000 selling their home when compare to your traditional high street agent (based on the average house price in London: source Rightmove).

OEA’s also provide quality rental services for Landlords. They can provide a let only or fully managed service, which allows you the flexibility that your lifestyle requires. You could save thousands of pounds using the services of an online estate agent instead of the traditional estate agents in London.

Remember OEAs offer all the same services as High Street agents and they advertise on all the major online property boards. There is no difference in quality or service. Just in price.

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