Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: Biggest THREATS to Real Estate Agents BY AGENTS

Estate Agents Tip: Biggest THREATS to Real Estate Agents BY AGENTS

Real estate agents are causing the biggest threat to the real estate industry. In this video, I’m sharing some things that are happening in the real estate industry that is causing real estate agents to go extinct. This will be the biggest threat to the real estate industry in 2019.

The things I say in this video are my personal opinion.










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Chastin J. Miles is a licensed Texas Real Estate Agent with eXp Realty.

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36 thoughts on “Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: Biggest THREATS to Real Estate Agents BY AGENTS

  1. funny you mention B/H can you be forced to sell your property under duress because of broken verbatim and on top of that put 4 different dates on contract one dating back 7 years. which makes that contract void right. and if someone is doing bussiness as dba using your name without permission. thats fraud so shouldn't that bitch be in jail. befuckled in alabama

  2. I definitely agree ! I haven't even received my license yet and I can see this ! I'm looking at various brokers/firms and came across one brokerage in my area(Nashville tn) that uses open door for their opening houses. Smh I was shocked when I seen that. It just seems like they're putting theirselves out of business .

  3. you are 100% correct I am in the IT field and keep my eye on company disrupters. I am currently working on my real estate license and have been following the technology trends… think uber … when is the last time you took a cab …. stay woke people ….its coming

  4. I read a ton of reviews about working as an agent for Redfin and about 90% were bad reviews. Complaints ranged from pay not being what they claimed it to be and work/life balance being horrendous, all the way to horrible management and cutthroat hostile environments. Redfin seems to be nice and shiny on the outside but behind closed doors agents are getting the seriously short end of the stick. It seems to be about as bad as working a minimum wage job.

  5. Some people mention Redfin agents are not up to par or not full service in comparison to Agents who work for commission. But I've used Redfin to purchase two homes and sell 1. Its been a fantastic experience. They have a team of people who work with you. I may have gotten lucky with the agent that I picked, but my experience has been great. I got more than what I expected to get when I sold my home.

  6. Not an agent as of yet, but will be taking classes online here in Michigan, I’m not going to let anything or anyone keep me from having a successful career in real estate, just have to adapt and hustle in my opinion

  7. Thank you so much for making this video. A movement needs to be started, agents need to wake up and our associations who give these companies access to our listings, data, etc need to show us as agents more loyalty. After all, we pay them our hard earned commission dollars with fees every year and in some areas (like mine) every quarter. I think as agents we need to wake up and stop being railroaded and not let these companies take the whole store! Again, thanks for sharing Chastin 🙂

  8. Agents need to take back their listings from these online sites. The local boards of realtors and MLS need to send an “Updated Terms” notice stating that only the listing agent may be shown with the listing; no other agents. These portals are free to accept or reject our new terms. If they want our listings, it’s on our terms.

  9. Hello Mr. Miles, I am indeed a New York State Licensed Real Estate Agent with Century21. I just obtained my pocket card on Friday, December 7, 2018. Yes, everyone Mr. Miles is absolutely correct, there is nice money in apartment rental. I want to say to you all don't ever be discourage just keep working. You may have to change your entire thinking to be successful in this business like hardly watching TV, hanging out with friends at times, but working every day toward success. I am currently working on two rental deals and 3 people that I have encountered are looking to sale their homes. "Lo estoy manteniendo en movimiento bebé!!!" – I am keeping it moving baby!!! Those of you out their who know the words of prayer, please pray for my success in the Real Estate business. May God bless you all!!!!!

  10. Great topic! The role of a GOOD real estate agent will always be a necessity and trust me, companies such as Zillow knows that. We are living in a world centered around technology and that is the key to being a good real estate agent. It gives you the ability to effectively build and maintain a database (collecting information), which is pretty much what companies such as Zillow do. As long as I keep this in mind and continue to build a database (data collection) AND maintain/grow my database (continuous follow-up), I will never feel threatened by a company or agent. Top producing agents know the importance of technology and how it helps build and maintain their databases, which is why they remain on the top. Real estate agents will always be a necessity.

    And for those who think real estate agents don't deserve a commission, you can only believe what you don't understand so a debate is a total waste of time and energy. But I get it… Many hear the word "commission" and don't realize it is simply a payment for doing hard-earned work. You know, like the paycheck/salary you receive for doing your job. I'll just leave it there. I have to add this: I love focusing on FSBO's (For Sale By Owners) because most of them think they can sell their own home until they actually try and do it. Selling a home is more than putting a sign in a yard. And purchasing a home is more than applying for a loan and making a purchase. There is a LOT that goes on in one transaction. To future real estate agents… More than 80% of FSBO's end up hiring a real estate agent to sell their home within two weeks of trying to sell it themselves. Real estate agents will always be a necessity.

    For those who want to get into the industry, don't let anything discourage you because there will always be a need for GOOD real estate agents. One of the top things to remember is that the real estate industry is transitioning to a technology-based industry, so it is imperative that you stay on top of technology in order to be a successful agent. In summary… Real estate agents will ALWAYS be a necessity.

  11. Simple. We have to contact our Realtor association and tell them to stop sharing our information. Strength in numbers. Make a big enough noise and you will all see.

  12. Redfin in my opinion seems to be like a uber for real estate they claim you set your own hours, attend home inspections, conduct tours, work with their clients, etc. And that would take away from other agents who do all the work themselves. A new agent with no experience would likely enjoy this opportunity to get in the real estate business and then maybe they leave maybe they stay. It seems kind of hard to compete with that. It seems like they are trying to terminate the full service agent/broker.

  13. The younger population is of the opinion that real estate agents alongside car salesman are top 5 sleeziest professions that exist today. Younger adults looking to buy don't seem the need to pay for someone to open a door and walk me around a house that's empty (how they see it) information is so mainstream that it's only a matter of time before the good ol days of 6 percent are just that.

  14. I’m actually about to take my real estate exam and this kinda scares me but In a good way bc it does not make me intimidated just aware I love your context you are a factor of me wanting to become a real estate agent , I even took ya advice and went to Real estate express bc I had no idea which school was right and I’m glad I did.

  15. It's crazy. In Atlanta, "Mark Spain" Is huge. He's linked with Open Door and many others. His marketing is on point, (signage and billboards everywhere). BUT, here's the catch…. You get guaranteed booked appointments with approved clients or sellers who definitely want to list that day! Agents have a territory (50miles) out based on the office branch location, and you only keep 18% commission as a co- agent. It's trading a larger check for a steady salary…. These companies are feeding off the struggle by taking the commissions and giving you a measly portion as basically an employee. I'm in my 2nd year as an agent. Year 1 was Rough. Year two was a huge increase and as I start 2019 I feel this will be the year…. But it makes me question longevity of our field. Technology is changing everything and looks like real estate is being targeted next.

  16. As someone who buys multiple houses a year, I love what's going on. The process usually works like this. A buyer does their own search, tells the agent what houses they want to see, the agent schedules a showing, the agent fills in some information into a template sends the offer. On a 300k property, that is not worth what you pay in commissions especially for a listing agent. You can't put the genie back in the bottle. Too much information is already out there. Maybe you guys could have kept it going if your kept the listings complete closed.

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