9 thoughts on “Estate Agents Glasgow Tips: A Day in the Life of a 20 Year Old Real Estate Agent- 2 years later

  1. Man that’s crazy you put in a full year like that with no deal. I’m in Melbourne FL and have had my Lic. For 2 months, I have 2 closing this month and working with 2 other buyers. Also chasing fsbo and expired listings everyday!

  2. I love your honesty in this. And its 100% true. As an agent in NYC prospecing while the most important is also the most difficult thing to wrap your head around especially early on. Great video!

  3. Im with you there, been in real estate for a few years. Got burned out and took a voluntary break but getting back into it. My goal is like yours to buy my own properties but you got to start somewhere. I think youd be great as a realtor, dont give up! You have the drive and you have the right attitude! Maybe youll get back to it like I am. Best of luck!

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