Business Tips: The SEO Problem of Small Town Papers and Businesses

Business Tip: The SEO Problem of Small Town Papers and Businesses

If you where to search for the Prosser WA Newspaper as many do every day you would likely not find the “well designed” website that Prosser’s newspaper spent thousands on. What you would find instead would be a list of newspapers from other cities that mention Prosser. This is because small town newspapers like many small town businesses have yet to discover the importance of search optimization.

This lack of understanding is in part due to the fact that many web designers in truth are simply designers or programmers, rather then being actual web creators. The best way to think of designers and web pages is to think of the designer as the interior decorator, and the programmers as the electricians for a store. You would not ask these people to then run your marketing campaign, or to make the signs that bring people into your store, nor would you have your electrician deal with customers, or recommend where to place what products. Yet when it comes to web site creation people do just that by having designers and programmers run every aspect of their website.

The largest part of the fault lies with the web designers of course, they are supposed to be the experts, yet they allow organizations like the Prosser Washington Newspaper to buy only part of the service. This perhaps is so that they can get more money taking all of the companies budget, after all such designers have no stake in the sites success and all the buyers of a site think about websites is what they can see, not how it actually performs.

It is time for freelance web designers to realize that there is more to the internet then a the images and layout of a webpage, because people have to see web pages and must like what it says for it to be effective. For this reason freelance web designers need to gather a list of other freelancers or vendors that they like, and work with them to offer their clients a more complete package.

Small businesses need to share some of the blame however, rather then do any research on websites they simply allow salesmen to sell them something. Then as they start to realize that they have been sold something bad they choose to stick with it rather then trying to fix it. It is cheaper to stick with the bad site, but such sites add no value to a business and may even harm the business. Point and case comes from Prosser wineries many of which have sites that are so poorly structured people find the owner’s children’s MySpace Pages before they find the wineries website.

It is important then for any business or newspaper to actually research what is needed for a successful website rather then simply differing the whole sites creation to a single person who has no stake in the success of the business.

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