Business Tips: Task 10 : WordPress SEO 2019 Checklist – Lighthouse Audit and Beyond – WP Spartans 300

Business Tip: Task 10 : WordPress SEO 2019 Checklist – Lighthouse Audit and Beyond – WP Spartans 300

WordPress SEO 2019 New Trends with New Lighthouse Audit and Google Pagespeed API V5 Algorithm. Let’s explore what are possibilities. Step by step guide.

In this Task # 10 of WordPress Spartans 300 Mission 2019 Playlist, we discussed how to understand newly announced features of Search Engine Optimization and related Meta Tags information. We started our discussion with an in depth explanation of modern day trends of Mobile Traffic and how different search engines are interpreting the same.

Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu are well known search engines. In this tutorial, our main emphasis was future SEO strategies that will emerge in 2019 and beyond.

We discussed the following SEO Topics:
Mobile first indexing
https (ssl)
Site formatting (ux) (+speed)
Overall contrast (ui)
Descriptive titles
Meta descriptions
Descriptive Link text for every page (relevant info) + buttons + sidebars
Hreflang tags for translation equivalence
Language codes in iso format
Use of rel=canonical (duplicate stuff)

Unblock search engine indexing (robots.txt etc)
404 (not found)/ 403 (restricted) …http status codes
Avoid browser plugins dependent pages

Standard robots.txt format
Readable Font sizes (ui & ux) wow
Viewport meta tag (head section)

Step by step we discussed each point with special reference to Lighthouse Audit API.

Finally we experimented on our demo wp site. And explored how to SEO Optimized WordPress Themes/ Sites by adding Meta Description, Viewpot, Descriptive Titles etc in the Head Tag.

Future SEO Predictions are mainly focused upon local seo i.e. niche specif. Amazon, Ebay and other Social Media Search Engines are creating buzz.

#WPSpartans300 is a mission. WordPress Developers from all over the world have started taking interest in this initiative. Therefore, I’m putting all my energy to make this journey wonderful and full of success.

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Let me tell you that without passion and commitment, you won’t be able to be a Rockstar WordPress Developer. It does take a lot of hard work ; however, the end result is awesome.

I will guide you step by step so that you could get results from your WordPress Training Mission. Get ready to excel as a professional developer. It’d be fun and exciting adventure.

300 Spartans will learn to unlock WP Codex. APIs will be the ultimate goal. From PSD to WordPress Conversion to WordPress Based Mobile Apps, Spartans will conquer their fears. 300 Lucky WordPress Developers will enjoy lucrative benefits of successful online projects.

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  1. Sir there are two more issuses that I am not able to resolve in SEO. Kindly take a look on that. Here are the issues.
    1-Tap targets are not sized appropriately.
    2-Image elements do not have `[alt]` attributes

    I have installed theme other than newscover

  2. Sir Thank you for Tutorial.
    Google page insights ki Extension Say Audit krty hen on local Server, to Search Engine Visibility Discourage ko Uncheck krna perta hai wrna Extension Performance Show nhi krti. (Its Info Not a Question).

  3. when I add meta description code in Header.php file in order to enhance its SEO and then update it , a message will appear showing "Scrape nonce check failed. Please try again."

  4. sir thank you, your way of teaching is excellent. I also have done 100 %.
    Sir, I joined this series late. What about emails you send subscribers?
    How can I get all the data which was sent by you?
    Thank you.

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