Business Tips: How to Analyze Website from Design & SEO Perspective

Business Tip: How to Analyze Website from Design & SEO Perspective

In this video you will learn how to analyze a website both from design as well as SEO perspective.

We look at a website Jennard Galleries which sells and/or rents paintings to Schools, Corporates, Hospitals, etc to analyze. We compare this website against a couple competitors who are ranking high on Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Apparently, these competitors are ranking high for good reasons… So, we try to break the ideas down to understand what these websites are doing well. By analyzing the competitors’ websites we understand our own site better. At least that’s the idea.

We analyze this website both from a user experience or design perspective as well as Search Engine Optimization perspective, so that you will understand why we should do certain things a certain way. The best practices, if you may.

In order to give it structure, what we’ve done is break it down by:

1. Website ‘Above the Fold’ analysis
2. Site Architecture / Site Navigation
3. Content
4. Page Load Speeds
5. Mobile Responsiveness
6. Below the Fold
7. Image Optimization

Hopefully, this will give you the head start you need to understand how to analyse a website both from the UX and the SEO point of view to rank high on Google and other search engines.

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