Business Tips: Homepage Design Secrets For a Highly Converting Website

Business Tip: Homepage Design Secrets For a Highly Converting Website

When it comes to your business website, you want conversions and plenty of ’em. So let’s start with the homepage. I’ll show you when it makes sense to include a lot of persuasive, conversion-focused content directly on your homepage, and when it might make more sense to just funnel people to other pages that might satisfy their unique interests.

I’ll also walk you through the 7 elements of a highly converting homepage design, with plenty of real-world examples along the way.

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27 thoughts on “Business Tips: Homepage Design Secrets For a Highly Converting Website

  1. Hey man, I just discovered your channel and I'm loving your content! Since you haven't talked about this on your video, I was wondering what's your input about Donald Milller's (from storybrand) advice to include an element of failure right after the Hero section in the homepage. He says that the only reason someone is buying from you (product o service) is because they have a problem they want to solve. He calls it the cost of failure section, and says that it acts like a hook for the user to get engaged and start imagining that problem being solved by you. Would you recommend puting that section on the homepage?

  2. This video was very helpful – thank you! I do have a question that I hope can be answered. Can you recommend a site or sites that offer icon packs, either free or premium? I'd like to move beyond Font Awesome as I find their icons to be fairly plain, not too mention everyone uses them. What do the pros use for icon packages? Is it common for them to make their own?

  3. Great video! I love your concise approach, I hate it when people ramble like those Clickfunnels guys. I am in the process of creating my site, and since I don't have any $, I am using Google sites, for now. It's not bad, and has many features I find useful, and you can see how your site will look on major devices before publishing. So after watching this, I am redoing my homepage to match what you presented. Thanks for the information.

  4. 💚Subscribed! You're awesome mate. Everything you give is good. Can you link to the sites you showed in the video for us to go back to later. Please. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  5. Should #1-6 all be on the home page, and button to corresponding page? Example: If all on one page, in #3 benefits section one of the three perks is our 25 years of experience, at end of description a button that says find out more about us that links to the "about us" page.

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