Business Tips: 6 Innovative Business Ideas That Enjoyed Tremendous Success

Business Tip: 6 Innovative Business Ideas That Enjoyed Tremendous Success

Innovative business ideas are risky because you’ll never know if they’ll be a hit or not. Even if you’re the only one in your place that offers such, you can’t be sure if it will be appreciated and patronized by your target customers. Once an idea hit you, it won’t take so much time or knowledge to find out if it’s feasible or not, you just have to measure your resources, knowledge, budget, and gusto to know if you can start it up and sustain it. As much as you are enthusiastic enough to start your business, you should prepare yourself and your pocket for the possible outcome and oncoming needs of your innovative business.

Here are some of the innovative business ideas that really make it big in the market:

Levi Strauss

These denim pants are originally sold to miners when the Gold Rush was in full swing. Since these pants are really strong enough to last, items were always in short supply back then. No one ever thought that these pants will be in demand even outside the mining community.


While this isn’t the first social media site to offer online sharing, Facebook is able to provide user-friendly interface and other innovations including tagging, newsfeed, and a lot of several interesting games. It also offers an exceptional platform for generating ad revenue. Mark Zuckerberg’s global success is a proof that these days, being first is no longer a competitive edge, it just takes great innovations that will bring lasting impact.


Developers of this site only intend to create a small avenue for online buy-and-sell business. Who would have thought that it will be one of the most popular and commonly used auction sites in the world?

Online maps

Inventors of Google maps and MapQuest saw the vast need for directions, which is also the reason for the high sales of GPS apps and devices. They took advantage of such needs to develop something that can be of great help to drivers of cabs and old-model vehicles with no GPS, dog walkers, and other people who need to traverse a place that isn’t familiar to them.

Budget airlines

This is one of the successful innovative business ideas that didn’t rely on the Internet’s popularity. While most of the promotions are done online, the success of this idea wasn’t left in the mercy of the Internet; it rather gives the airline industry a new lease of life, which becomes truly helpful during the global economic downfall.

Combo/budget meals

These are dishes paired with drinks and other upsize options. This business idea creates a mindset that the consumer gets a better deal than paying for every food item individually.

Each of the companies who tried out these innovative business ideas also has unique experiences. Just because an idea works for one businessman doesn’t mean that it will work for you, too. So plan carefully and assess yourself; make sure you’re ready for the possible pitfalls of the idea you have in mind.

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