Business Tips: 5 Key Rules Of SEO Writing

Business Tip: 5 Key Rules Of SEO Writing

For your blog or website to rank high, you need to write content that is friendly to search engines. To ensure that you produce the right content you need to follow the following five rules:

Stick to a niche

Although, you could be having a lot of information, you should not include all of it in one blog or website. The best way of going about it is sticking to a niche and writing widely about it.

For example, if you want to write about “SEO writing” you should dedicate one blog or website to SEO writing and write a lot of content that relates to it.

To ensure that you are writing something unique you need to do some research. Here you need to research and see what your competitors have already written. To attract readers to your blog you need to ensure that you always write unique content.

Even if you are writing about a popular topic, you should do your research and come up with a unique concept that will be exciting to your audience.

Choose your keywords wisely

Keywords are very important in SEO thus you should be very careful when using them. To be on the safe side you should go for those that are of high quality, but are less competitive.

The good side is that there are many tools that you can use to find the best keywords to use. Once you have found the right keyword you should mention it naturally in the content without forcing anything.

Create headings that feature your target keywords

Including your target keyword in the heading tells the search engines what you are writing about and as a result search engines rank your website high for that specific keyword.

You should note that you should not write the headings only for machines; you should also ensure that the headings are grammatically correct for humans to understand what you are writing about.

Break it up

It has been shown that page visitors read in an F-shaped pattern where they scan headings, beginnings of paragraphs and any highlighted elements. Due to this you should ensure that you break up your work.

For example, you should ensure that your content has subtitles, H-tags, bullet points, pull-out quotes and bold texts. It has been shown that well formatted work is not only easy to read, but it’s also easy for search engines to crawl on it.

Watch your quality

For your content to be ranked high you should ensure that it’s of high quality. This means that the work has to be well written and unique.

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