Business Tips: 2015 Web Design Checklist

Business Tip: 2015 Web Design Checklist

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2015 Web Design Checklist

2015 offers some fascinating new trends in web design. It also features some time tested elements that are vital to good web design.

A study of the 2015 web design scenario reveals the following trends:

– Ambient Video Backgrounds – connect better and are far more effective than text and pictures in communicating a message.
– Innovative typography – large typefaces are popular this year.
– Responsive Design – web layouts that adapt automatically to user screen size
– Minimalism/Flat Design – cuts down on noise, declutters the user interface.
– Infinite Scrolling- inspired by the swipe or scroll mobile technology.
– CSS Animations- involves the use of cascading text, media and colour
– Colour Palette- solves the problems of colour scheme selection
– Browser compatibility- web designers prioritise elements and components that are likely to be supported by nearly all modern browsers
– Parallax Scrolling- visually stimulating image, text and 3D effects cascading on deep layers, one above the other. Can sum details on a single page
– Sitemap- list of all pages on the website. Now placed at the bottom of the page as a norm.

This 2015 checklist is all the information you need to create an appealing website. However, if you’re new to web designing, it’s okay to seek the help of a professional. A reputable web agency can provide you with all the assistance you need to turn your website into an effective marketing tool; improving your UX, conversion and bottom line.

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